Frequently Asked Questions And Specific Parts Warranties

Where are you located?

Our facility is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, in the beautiful and historic city of Tamaqua, Pa. (map)

Do you have any parts warranty?

30 day standard parts warranty is given on ALL parts. To view our complete parts warranty information, please view our downloadablewarranty information.

What type of payment methods are accepted?

We accept Visa, Master Charge and American Express via the telephone, email and fax and check or money orders via mail. Personal checks may take between 3 and 7 days to clear our financial institution and we cannot ship your part until we have bank clearance. Please Download and print copies of our Credit card Authorization forms. HERE. Simply download the one you need, print it, fill it out and mail or fax it back to us.

How do you ship?

Smaller, lighter parts such as starters, tail lights, grilles etc. will usually ship via UPS, FedEx or DHL. Sometimes we use the USPS to ship smaller parts such as heater controls and marker lenses but using the USPS for us is pretty rare because they do not automatically include insurance to the shipment and we send ALL packages insured to you. Engines, transmissions, axle assemblies and most body panels and custom cuts require a commercial address for shipping because these parts need to be shipped via a freight transport like R&L Carriers, ABF, USA Freight, etc. and freight companies typically do not ship to residential addresses. If you have a home-based business, we do NOT consider that a commercial address and if you have us freight an item to you residentially, you WILL be charged the additional amount the freight company charges us for non-commercial deliveries.

Can you overnight my part to me?

No. It is asking entirely too much to expect members of our staff to take an order, dismantle the part from the vehicle, test, pack, label and ship the item by 1 pm so please do not ask.

How long before I receive my part after I place an order?

Three to five days is standard shipment transit times however, we do NOT guarantee them to arrive within any specific time frame. If you do not receive your part within eight to ten days PLEASE give us a call and we will track the item to make sure it is not lost in the country somewhere. Some items arrive quicker than others, especially if the item we had here proved to be defective, yes, sometimes that happens, and we need to buy the part out. If we purchase the part from one of our suppliers on your behalf, it is shipped directly to you from them and sometimes this speeds the shipping process up, but not always. Sometimes this can actually slow shipment times down because the part may have to travel a further distance to reach you. Please understand that we have no control over shipments once they leave our facility and we ask that you wait a minimum of FIVE business days BEFORE contacting us to inquire about tracking information or whereabouts of your order.

If I receive my part and it is defective or wrong, what should I do?

Call us IMMEDIATELY! Please do NOT call anyone until you've spoken with your salesman and he/she will instruct you as to what to do next. Once you've alerted a member of our sales staff about the problem, you must also submit your claim IN WRITING within ten business days. Please do NOT send the part ANYWHERE until authorization is given to you to do so. If the part you receive is defective or wrong, it will be replaced with another unit and the unit that is bad will be call-tagged and returned for inspection, it's as simple as that. If the part is scheduled for call-tag return, you may speed the claim process by as much as four days by returning the item at your expense provided you inform us of your intention first.

If I ordered a color specific part, can I return it if it does not exactly match my vehicles color?

No. Color matching has become increasingly more difficult and our staff cannot research vehicle colors. We will work with you on similar matching, but exact color correctness is NOT guaranteed.

How Does our Warranty Work?
It's very simple. We sell you one of our quality-recycled parts and then we stand behind it.

General Limitations:

Our warranty is to the original purchaser that all parts specifically described on the purchase invoice will be free from failures or defects in materials or workmanship subject to the terms and conditions set below.

Base Warranty: 30-Days: Parts Only.

All sales are final. Parts found to be defective during the Warranty period will be replaced, repaired, or refunded at the sole discretion of Knucklebusters. Parts will be replaced with a comparable item such as - a recycled part with a recycled part; or, remanufactured part with remanufactured part.

Limit of liability cannot exceed original purchase price.

This Warranty applies only as long as the part is still installed in the vehicle for which it was originally purchased. This Warranty is non-transferable. Specifically excluded from this Warranty are items attached to the purchased part but which are not explicitly listed on the invoice. This Warranty covers normal on-road use only. In the event that the part is installed in a vehicle driven off-road or for marine, racing or competition purposes then this Warranty is void and the only Warranty provided is that the part is operational at the time of installation. Any improper use, abuse, overheating, improper fluid levels, neglect, careless handling, improper installation, repairs or modification, or removal by anyone other than the licensed professional repair facility that preformed the original installation shall void this Warranty. All Warranted parts found to be defective must be returned to Knucklebusters within 10 business days from the date of failure, along with all documentation required by this Warranty. Any part replaced or repaired under this Warranty including all subsequent installations shall have the benefit of this Warranty for the balance of the time and mileage of the original Warranty period from the original date of the original part only. All claims under this Warranty require that you provide a record of the date installed, plus the year, make, model, vehicle identification number, mileage, and engine number of the vehicle in which the part was installed. All claims must include the original invoice; a copy of the original completed installation repair order with evidence of proper installation; and, evidence of all required maintenance. Any claim of failure found to be invalid will result in the part in question being returned to the customer, at customer's expense. If there is a dispute regarding these terms and procedures, the parties of this agreement agree to submit the matter to arbitration in the city of Tamaqua, Pa. in accordance with the Commercial Rules of Arbitration Association. The parties agree to be bound by the decision of such arbitrator.

Please allow 7 to 10 days on shipment after payment is received. 3 to 5 days is standard delivery through most of our couriers, however some shipments may take longer. Because of the high volume of calls we receive, our salesmen would appreciate it if you would refrain from calling inquiring about tracking information on the item you purchased unless more than 5 business days have elapsed. Please note that UPS, USPS, FED-Ex and all truck-freight carriers are shipping services and we cannot control their service time and because it is a pre-paid service we cannot refund shipping charges under any circumstances once the part is shipped.

What is not covered

This warranty does NOT include labor reimbursements.

Items modified or taken apart for testing will not be available for return. Items returned that are not the original part shipped will not be refunded. PARTS ARE UNIQUELY IDENTIFIED BY MARKINGS ON THE PART. Items returned that are not in the original condition shipped (excluding items damaged in shipping and verified by a Knucklebusters representative) will not be refunded. To claim a bad/damaged/incorrect part, please follow the 'claim process' information provided for each part. All claims are required to be made IN WRITING within 10-days of date of failure.

Failure or damage resulting from- improper installation; removal; repair; misuses; negligence; accidents; or, modifications of the part; Damage to the part caused by related vehicle parts such as- broken or bent flywheel; defective u-joints; or defective mounts are not covered under this Warranty.

The Warranty does not apply where the vehicle mileage cannot be determined, has been altered, or where proof of purchase is unavailable.

Personal injury, property damage, inconvenience, loss of time, loss of use, loss of earnings, telephone calls, rental car, transportation, towing, down time, direct or indirect or consequential damage, or delay resulting from part failure.

All repairs under this Warranty must be approved in writing in advance by Knucklebusters.

Knucklebusters reserves the right to change, alter or modify this Warranty at any time. If a part failure ever occurs, please call Knucklebusters immediately at: 570-668-3435 for further instructions.

You are REQUIRED to notify Knucklebusters Corp. in WRITING (Knucklebusters Accounting, 133 Claremont Avenue, Tamaqua, Pa. 18252) within 30-days after item purchase to retain your rights to claim defective or wrong merchandise. A phone call alerts our sales department of the issue, but our accounting department CANNOT start your claim process until it has received your claim in writing through the mail. All mail claim correspondence must include a copy of your original invoice and a brief description of the problem. You are REQUIRED to furnish the proper documentation for any warranty claim as stated in the respective part category. Failure to provide this documentation will result in the warranty being voided. NO labor warranties will be offered by Knucklebusters. Purchased parts from affiliate dealers may carry a labor warranty, however Knucklebusters will NOT be liable for any claim made for labor from a third-party transaction. The buyer will be forwarded ANY extended warranties for parts/labor if offered through the affiliate dealer and must deal directly with said dealer in the event that a labor claim is made.

In the event a part is returned that does not fit the specifications listed in this warranty, Knucklebusters reserves the right to refuse delivery. All returns must have a valid RMA number.

Knucklebusters is not responsible for items delivered to the address given at the time of sale according to tracking information but not taken into possession by the customer. In other words, if you purchase a part and refuse it once shipped, you'll be charged with the shipping charges in both directions along with a 25% restock fee.

Specific part warranties

Air Conditioning Components: Air Conditioning parts defined here include A/C Compressors, Evaporator Core and Condenser. Failure to perform any of the following procedures voids the Warranty: A) Install a new receiver dryer, expansion valve and new refrigerant oil at the same time as the Warranted part. B) Vacuum test the system before charged with refrigerant. C) Refrigerant charge MUST be performed by a certified technician. Claim process MAY require you to return the defective/incorrect part.

Axle Assemblies: All axle assemblies and differential assemblies are guaranteed against cracked, bent or broken gears, cracked, bent or broken axle shafts and cracked, broken or bent housings. We suggest that all seals be replaced prior to installation and that the fluid be filled to its proper level. Parts external to the axle assembly, ie. brake hardware, drums, rotors, cables or hoses are NOT warranted to be good or usable and are only left on for the installers convenience if they are left on. Required documentation for claim process will include: Receipts for fluid. Claim process requires an affidavit from an ASE certified technician on the letterhead of the facility where the axle assembly was originally installed explaining in detail why the part is defective. Axle assembly warranties are VOID if not installed by an ASE certified technician.

Carburetors: Guaranteed to be rebuildable. Claim process will require an affidavit from the ASE Certified Technician installing them as to why they are not usable and/or photos.

Computers and other modules: In most cases we will not send you a computer or other electronic control module unless you have a service number from your old part. NO EXCEPTIONS! Air bag control modules will only be pulled/sold from vehicles that did not have bags deployed and typically we will not sell air-bag modules separate from the bags because they are married. Most ABS modules are also married to the pump they are attached to and will ONLY be sold with the pump as an assembly. We can sell you JUST the module from these assemblies, attached to the assembly and you must remove what you plan to use. This will immediately void any warranty the part carried. We also offer a rebuilding service for problematic control units or units that have too large of a service interchange base. Most computers and instrument clusters you send us can be rebuilt and will come with a 1-year warranty standard. Ask your salvage technician if a rebuild service is available for your module. Modules may need to be reset by the dealer. In the event this is required the part cannot be returned until verified by the dealer that the part has been reset properly. Electrical parts that have been modified in any way will not be refunded. Claim process requires an affidavit from an ASE certified technician/Dealership Technician on the letterhead of the facility/dealership where the module was originally installed/flashed/re-programmed explaining in detail why the part is defective/unusable. Computer warranties are VOID if not installed by an ASE certified technician.

Control Arms : Control arms are guaranteed to be true and straight. Any rubber bushings, ball joints or non-metal parts attached to control arms are not guaranteed. Claim process will require an affidavit from the ASE Certified Technician installing them as to why they are not usable and/or photos.

Cylinder Heads : OHV (Over Head Valve) Cylinder heads are guaranteed to be free from cracks and excessive warpage. Valves, valve springs, seals, soft-plugs, sensors and other parts attached to the head are not guaranteed. OHC (Over Head Camshaft) Cylinder heads are guaranteed to be free from cracks and excessive warpage. Valves, valve springs, seals, soft-plugs, sensors, camshafts and other parts attached to the head are not guaranteed with the exception of the cam locks. OHC heads with integral cam locks will have the locks included. Claim process MAY require you to return the parts. Required documentation will include an affidavit from the technician, on the letterhead of the machine-shop facility doing the machining, explaining in detail why the head(s) are unusable.

Electrical parts: One-time replacement within 30-days. If we send you a part DOA (Dead On Arrival), we will replace it for you ONE TIME within 30-days. If the second part we ship to you is non-working, we WILL assume there is another problem with your car and your warranty will be voided. We are sorry for this harsh stand on electrical parts but we do NOT sell parts on a “trial & error” basis and all electrical parts sent are tested to be fully functional and we can guarantee that the part will work but we cannot guarantee that the part will fix your problem. We suggest that you have your vehicle thoroughly tested at a reputable service facility by an ASE certified technician BEFORE ordering an electrical part. We do NOT guarantee mileage on instrument cluster assemblies. Claim process MAY require you to return the defective/incorrect part.

Engines: Engine assemblies include: engine block, cylinder head with valves, camshaft, connecting rods and bearings, rocker arms, valve lifters and other internal parts. Engines are guaranteed to not have block cracks, cracked head(s) or bad crankshaft/camshaft(s), all internal engine components are covered under this warranty. Engines are guaranteed against knocking, excessive smoking and head gasket leaking. Extended warranties may be available please ask your salesman for more information. Excluded from this Warranty are attached items such as carburetor, fuel pump, water pump, all electrical parts, hoses, lines, intake and exhaust manifolds, fuel injector pumps, all other injection parts and other external parts. Calibration and adjustment of external parts are also excluded from this Warranty. All engines have been drained of fluids prior to shipment. In addition, failure to perform any of the following procedures voids the Warranty: A) Change oil and oil filter prior to starting the engine for the first time. Maintain proper oil/filter change intervals as required by the manufacturer. B) Installation of a new timing belt, water pump, flush cooling system, coolant and thermostat at the same time engine is installed. C) Verify that heat tab is not melted or missing. In the event other parts are included that were not specifically purchased, these are left on the engine for the installers convenience and are NOT warranted to be free from defects. No exceptions. Required documentation for claim process will include: receipts for replacement of and maintenance of: Oil and filter, thermostat, timing belt, water pump & coolant. Claim process requires an affidavit from an ASE certified technician on the letterhead of the facility where the engine was originally installed explaining in detail why the part is defective/unusable. Engine warranties are VOID if not installed by an ASE certified technician.

Glass: Guaranteed to arrive in usable condition and unbroken! It should be obvious that we cannot guarantee that glass parts won’t break sometime in the future and this is the reason for the warranty stated as it is. Photos required for claim process.

Mechanical parts: All mechanical parts will absolutely carry a 30-day warranty standard. Extended warranties may be available, ask your salesperson for additional info/cost. Mechanical parts MAY be sent with adjoining parts still attached (ie. A hub may come with a rotor attached, we cannot guarantee that the rotor will be usable/serviceable) and these parts will NOT be covered under the standard warranty. Claim process MAY require you to return the defective/incorrect part.

Sheet-metal: As-is. Condition will be explained at time of purchase. Sheet metal parts will consist of the following items: doors, hoods, fenders, quarter panels, headers, bumpers, tail gates/trunk lids, roof pieces and custom car cuts. We can accept absolutely NO returns on sheet metal parts unless they are not in the condition that was explained to you by the salvage technician you spoke with. Photos required for claim process.

Struts: Struts are sold with working condition warranty only. We do not guarantee the actual ride quality of the shocks or springs. We do guarantee that the springs and strut tower will be in working/usable condition. Strut cartridges may need to be replaced to improve ride quality. Claim process will require an affidavit from the ASE Certified Technician installing them as to why they are not usable.

Transmissions: Transmissions include the case with working internals as well as the torque converter. Transmissions are guaranteed against slipping and excessive noise. Improper detent adjustment, low fluid level, failure to install new fluid and flush cooler lines (AT only), broken/damaged front pump or other improper installation will void all warranties. We recommend replacement of the TC seal and any axle seals prior to install. Excluded from this Warranty are the transmission mounts, shifting linkage, flywheel, and all other external parts. All transmissions have been drained of oil prior to shipment. Required documentation for claim service will include: Receipts for replacement of: proper fluid and filter. Claim process requires an affidavit from an ASE certified technician on the letterhead of the facility where the transmission was originally installed explaining in detail why the part is defective. Transmission warranties are VOID if not installed by an ASE certified technician.

TurboChargers/SuperChargers: Turbochargers/Superchargers are guaranteed to be in working condition with minimal 'bering whine'. We cannot guarantee specific CFM volumes and/or boost pressures. Most of these assemblies are parked on a shelf for a few months and need to be run for a few minutes upon installation in order to re-lubricate all components. Seals in turbo's are not guaranteed to be perfect. These seals may need replacing during the warranty period. Claim process will require an affidavit from the ASE Certified Technician installing them as to why they are not usable and/or photos.

Wheels/Rims: All wheels and rims whether steel, aluminum or alloy are guaranteed to be straight and true, hold a bead and a balance and will fit the vehicle you requested the wheel for. We guarantee they will be free of cracks but we cannot guarantee that the valve stem will be usable, it may be included, but we recommend replacement of it before mounting a tire to it. Wheels are conditional and because there are a vast amount of wheels produced for each vehicle, it is very difficult to differentiate between them. We can in most cases send you an image of the wheel you are requesting to make certain the one we send you WILL be correct for your application. Wheel conditions are as follows: Insurance Quality: Absolutely perfect, NO noticeable scratches or scuffs. Wheels that are of insurance quality are as near to showroom/new condition as one can get and obviously these are very expensive. A-Condition: is near perfect but may have a slight scuff, a wheel-weight mark or some other MINOR defect that would keep it from being insurance quality. B-Condition: Wheels of this condition are considered 'average' for their vintage. B-Condition wheels will show signs of wear but will be in very good condition. Minor scratches and scuffs should be expected. Wheels of this quality will or should look similar to the other wheels on the vehicle and most of the wheels we sell here are of this quality to keep your vehicle looking good and performing good. C-Condition: We typically do not sell C-Condition rims. C-Condition wheels may have curb-rash, deep scratches and other imperfections that will adversely affect the visual quality of the wheel as well as the functionality. Photos required for claim process. Claim process MAY require you to return the defective/incorrect part.


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